The software that we have for sale is what we use for our own production. Many companies guard their proprietary software as if it was the crown jewels, but we feel that it's great to get as many people to use it as possible. In fact, the feedback that we get from the users is really helpful toward making better tools for ourselves.

We have three major programs for sale right now. We have a rotoscoping program, called roto that is easy to use, fast, and supports motion-blurred rotoscoping in an unbelievably automatic and intuitive way. We have a motion tracking/steadying tool, called ras_track, that is used for 3D camera tracking, steadying shots, for marrying two shots, and for tracking a element into an unsteady shot. Finally, we have a morph program ras_morph that is a pretty standard spline-based running-sequence or still-to-still morpher. It uses the algorithms from the paper Feature-Based Image Metamorphosis that Thad presented at Siggraph '92.

We have recently made available a radical new program for animating moving backgrounds. The program allows the user to morph from still to still to still, smoothly, with varying timing and motion across the image. This is very useful in a number of cases:

This program, called animorph, is available for testing now, and will be finished and released by the end of June, 1997.

We have priced these very aggressively, call us for more info.


Click here for the online manual for ras_track.

Click here for the online manual for roto.

Click here for the online manual for our experimental z animation system.

Download software

Shift-click this line to download the ras_track evaluation package.

Shift-click this line to download the roto evaluation package.

We've also written several custom tools for most of the big production companies in the LA area, and will continue to do that in the future.

Shift-click this line to download the hammerhead license daemon (needed for floating licenses only).