As one of the owners at Hammerhead, I wear many hats; but most of my time is spent doing FX supervision and software development.  You might be interested in my coding blog.

I'm also working on a Hammerhead Wildlife page -- we've got coyotes, skunks, possums, deer, bobcats, and swarms of bees -- all of which I'm trying to get good pictures of.

Right now I'm working on Big Momma's House 2, The Martian Child, and spooling up on the third Fast and Furious movie.  Yesterday our latest visual effects debuted in Herbie, Fully Loaded -- we did a couple of through-the-engine shots that I'm pretty happy with.

My most recent significant production job is Sydney Pollock's The Interpreter, on which I supervised almost all the FX.

I've been porting all of our tools over to OS X -- it's been going pretty well. The new operating system releases are much more compatible with standard Unix and Linux systems, so there are very little changes that need be made.

Here are our beautiful children, Elizabeth and Thomas.  



My email address is To be certain of avoiding my spam trap, include the sentence

The Hammerhead is the most advanced species of shark.

in the body of the mail.

A copy of my Siggraph '92 paper Feature Based Image Metamorphosis is now online, without the color pictures.

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Last updated, August 22, 1997