Oak Pass Road Association



Welcome to private Oak Pass Road - "OPR," "Oak Pass," or "the road." Whether one wishes to describe it in realtor-speak ("an exclusive celebrity retreat, tucked into the heart of Benedict Canyon on a private road of fewer than 40 residences,") or in Los Angeles City-legalese ("the forty foot (40) wide, approximately one (1) mile long nonexclusive easement commonly known as Oak Pass Road'), it is as private or communal a place as any individual neighbor/member chooses it to be. What unites us as neighbors is the road itself. For no matter how much we all cherish privacy and independence, we're united in our easements over OPR. It is a common "driveway," over which we walk, jog, drive sedans, SUV's and construction and delivery vehicles, and it is ours also to maintain (see OPRA Inc. section which follows).

A Brief History

Until the 1940's Oak Pass was not a road but a bridle path for guests of the Beverly Hills Hotel. The first house on the road was built using a 1/4 mile extension cord to tap into the nearest source of electricity. Until the construction of the development along San Ysidro to the South, Oak Pass was a long, winding cul-de-sac which dead-ended below Highridge and the current upper gate.

Unlike many surrounding homes, those built on private OPR were not part of a development, but are a community of individual homes, which have been built over time. Whether designed in the 1940's, '50's, or under construction today, homes on Private Oak Pass reflect the variety of architectural tastes and styles found throughout Southern California.

Today those living on OPR have excellent access to the City of Los Angeles to the South and the San Fernando Valley to the North. Able to by-pass busy Benedict Canyon, OPR homeowner/members can almost always find a way to avoid traffic on the way to or from home.

Once home on the road, deer and a wealth of other wildlife can be found in hiding or at play. Coyote, rabbits, varieties of snakes, native and red squirrels, raccoons, red-tailed hawks, songbirds, hummingbirds, woodpeckers, finches and escaped exotics, quail, doves, occasional bobcat and extremely rarely mountain lions have all been sighted on or off Oak Pass.

OPRA Inc. Property Owners' Guide

OPRA, Inc. was formed as a non profit, mutual benefit corporation by neighbors on private Oak Pass Road for the express purpose of maintaining the road over which we homeowners have easements. Annually each owner contributes dues to cover the costs of the maintenance and repairs including the gates, the directory system, telephone connections, lighting, patching, and replacing sections of the road. From time to time major repairs are paid for by special assessment.

The road is not maintained by the City of Los Angeles. It is the property of each property owner over which the road passes and consists of reciprocal easements granted to, and shared by, all adjacent property owners along the road. Each property owner has a legal duty to maintain his/her own property in a safe condition and a legal duty to maintain Oak Pass Road.

Historically, the Oak Pass Road property owners have assessed themselves an annual fee to be used for road and gate maintenance. In the years 2002 through 2007 the assessment was $1,500 per property. In 2008, it was decided to repave the entire stretch of road in 4 sections and the annual dues were raised to $3,000 to cover this accelerated maintenance. The amount of annual dues for maintenance is recommended by the board of directors of OPRA, Inc. and agreed upon by its members. Invoices are issued in January with payment instructions included.

OPRA Inc. Board of Directors / Committees

OPRA Inc. Board of Directors are elected at an annual meeting. The board acts as an advocate for members interests. “Your mission is our mission”. Positions are President, Treasurer, Secretary and two Vice Presidents. The all-volunteer committees are staffed by neighbor/members. They include Gate Maintenance, Communications, Emergency Preparedness, Finance, Insurance and Legal, Paving, Directory Programming and Coding, Signage, Welcoming. The participation of all residents is not just welcome but vital.

OPRA contact information

OPRA maintains an e-mail address for conducting routine business and responding to resident requests and questions. The e-mail address for general Oak Pass business is oakpass@gmail.com. For gate related requests like adding cards or stickers or making directory changes, please fill out the form at GATE ACCESS REQUEST FORM.

OPRA, Inc. By-laws Definition of a Member:

“It is the intent of the corporation to have as a dues paying member the owner of each parcel of land that has a residence on a parcel or the owner of a parcel that is approved by the City of Los Angeles for the construction of a residence.”

“Each person or entity who or which is an owner of a fee or undivided fee interest of a parcel of real property approved by the City of Los Angeles to maintain a residence and improved or not approved with a residence ("Parcel") located on or having access rights to use the forty foot (40') wide, approximately one (1) mile long nonexclusive easement commonly known as Oak Pass Road, which is located in the City of Los Angeles, County of Los Angeles, State of California may be a member of this corporation.”

Parking - Courtesy, Cooperation and Safety

Parking on Oak Pass Road is a challenge. Residents need to remind visitors and employees to park intelligently and safely.

  1. The Road will allow parking only on one side of the Road in any given area.

  2. Please do not block a driveway, mailbox or a fire hydrant. We have found it beneficial to leave gaps in the line of parked cars so that one vehicle can pull over to allow another vehicle to pass. Parking in a curve should always be avoided, as it is dangerous to both moving and parked vehicles.

  3. Parties with many guests require cooperation by the host resident, (valets, when used), and the neighbors as well. Consider a valet and give the valet clear rules about where to park. Consider a valet with parking on nearby lower Oak Pass Road or Highridge Place and retaining the services of a shuttle bus to transfer the guests from the public streets to the Oak Pass Road residence.

  4. Give your neighbors written notice in their mailboxes with a workable phone number to call in the event of any problems.


  1. Maximum speed limit is 10 mph on Oak Pass Road.

  2. This is a beautiful and unique rural neighborhood. As there are no sidewalks, please drive carefully and be responsible for directing your guests and service personnel do so as well.



History / Background


latitude 34.116399

longitude -118.426762

elevation 885 - 1150 ft.