Hammerhead Productions was founded in 1995 by four partners who at the time, had a combined total of 40 years experience in the world of computer graphics and feature film visual effects. Fresh from running the visual effects division of Pacific Data Images, Jamie Dixon, Dan Chuba, Thad Beier and Rebecca Marie set out on their own with the intention of creating responsible, cost effective and exciting visual effects in the biggest Hollywood movies. With the experience of working on over 50 films at PDI plus creating many groundbreaking  visuals in broadcast, commercial and music videos, the team was ready.

So far, in the 11 years that Hammerhead has been in business, over 2000 shots on 65 films have been delivered. Jamie directed a feature film that has been played around the world. Jamie and Dan produced a major Hollywood motion picture and Thad was given an Academy Technical Achievement Award.

Along side continued state-of-the-art visual effects work, the Hammerhead partners are pursuing further directing opportunities and new production opportunities, including setting up entities to create full length feature computer generated animation.
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